Caesars Rewards current booking flow isn’t optimized for mobile as well as it could be. Since more than half of our users are booking rooms through a smartphone, I believe we need to focus on creating a better experience for our users.

1. Las Vegas Hotels List

The first page I wanted to tackle was our view of all of the Las Vegas properties. I wanted to make the design a little simpler by stacking the property logos, and having the pricing scroll if you want to see more than 3 dates at a time.

Las Vegas Hotel Property Listing Booking Flow

Las Vegas Hotel Property Listing Design

2. Property Rooms Results

For the new property room results page, I wanted the imagery to be more prominent. Users love seeing photos of the rooms they will potentially stay in, so I included a larger image with scrolling capabilities so you don’t need to leave the page.

Las Vegas Property Rooms Results Wireframe

Las Vegas Property Special Offers Wireframe

Las Vegas Property Listings Design

Las Vegas Property Offers Design

3. Forms

The current website has one page that is very long on a mobile device. In order to make this more digestible, I broke up the forms into 4 pages, with the ability to easily go back and edit details.

Las Vegas Property Payment 01 Design

Las Vegas Property Payment 02 Design

Las Vegas Property Payment 03 Design

Las Vegas Property Payment 04 Design